You said, We did

You said, We did

Fylde and Wyre Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) uses a number of ways to gather your views and use what you tell them to make sure that what is important to you is at the heart of everything they do. The table below shows a summary of some of the things you have told them and how they are influencing their work:

You said … We did …
Helping to keep people well should be a top priority We agree, which is why health promotion, education and supporting people to self-manage their conditions is a common theme in all our work
Care is often fragmented, and the different agencies providing services are not coordinated – this needs to change, and services need to be joined up This is why we think a named person from your GP practice should be responsible for coordinating an individual’s care – 86% of those who took part in our telephone survey agreed
Learning disabilities should be specifically addressed in the 2030 vision strategy We have included learning disabilities as one of our eight specific priorities
85% of those who took part in our telephone survey said people should be given the tools and the freedom to manage their long-term condition A very strong theme in our 2030 vision document is strengthening community-based support to enable people to better manage their conditions and stay as well as possible
People need better information so they know what services are available and how to access them We agree, which is why better communication – including the use of new technologies – is a key theme in our 2030 vision document
People at the end of their lives want more choice, and families/carers need better support Health professionals will have better training to enable people to have their wishes fulfilled; carers will be offered pre- and post-bereavement support
Services should be tailored to the needs of individual communities Practices working across geographical neighbourhoods should coordinate community-based services in their area, and make sure these are tailored to the needs of the local population – 74% of those who took part in our telephone survey agreed
Health problems, e.g. cancer or long-term conditions, need to be identified earlier Screening and better support for those deemed at risk have been highlighted as important ways to make sure problems are found as early as possible
A strategy looking to 2030 is not realistic. It also needs to have more about how you will actually achieve your vision The 2030 vision document is meant to set out a high-level vision for the future that will be our ‘guiding path’. We are developing detailed two- and five-year plans that will set out how we aim to achieve our vision, and these will contain measurable targets
The CCG won’t be able to achieve its vision alone You are right, and this is why we try to involve partner agencies in the development of our plans
Carers are vitally important. Their contribution needs to be reflected, and they need more support We believe carers are key partners. Our telephone survey revealed that 15% of people class themselves as unpaid carers, although we believe this to be an underestimate of the true picture. We want all carers to have a joined-up assessment to identify their needs and specific support requirements
Prevention of ill health needs greater prominence Many people tell us this, and we do agree that supporting people to live healthier lives should underpin all of our work. People need to be empowered to take responsibility for their own health, and this is very much supported in the conversations we have with you
Concern that GP practices would not have the capacity to coordinate people’s care or services across geographical neighbourhoods We are working with GP practices at the moment to develop this new way of working and, as part of this, will agree what level of support they need to ensure they are effective in the future
There needs to be better after-care and support in the community after patients have been discharged from hospital Providing better community-based health services is a key part of our plans. Our vision is that people will leave hospital sooner due to better community-based support, with follow-up outpatient appointments carried out in a community setting as well
People should take more responsibility for their own health – the NHS can’t be expected to do everything We aim to widen access to self-help, self-management and healthy lifestyle support. We think everyone should do their bit to keep as fit and well as possible
Access to mental health services is poor, and better information about mental health and dementia services is needed We aim to commission a single entry point for mental health services for people of all ages in order to improve access. We also want just as much focus placed on mental health as physical health
Support for people with learning disabilities is variable across all services, suggesting that health professionals lack knowledge about the needs of people with learning disabilities We will work with health providers to ensure that appropriate support is available to meet the needs of people with a learning disability
We need to ensure palliative care is available for children and young people We will use the development of personal health budgets to enable the tailoring of support to meet the needs of children and young people. Our local hospice provides services and support to children funded through charitable donations and some national funding. We will ensure that anything we develop links appropriately to these services
43% of people with a long-term health condition say they have to repeat their medical history every time they see a health professional Everyone with a long-term health condition will have a care plan, which will be linked their GP record and will be available electronically. This will be available to all of the organisations involved in a person’s care
Don’t use NHS jargon, and give definitions where possible We try to write all information in plain English, and have included an NHS jargon buster [link to jargon buster in CCG’s website Our resources section] on the CCG website

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