Dementia Friends

Dementia is caused by a number of diseases that affect the brain. The most common is Alzheimer’s but diseases also include vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies and Pick’s disease. Different types of dementia affect the brain at different rates and in different ways, but other things like someone’s personal circumstances, the people around them and the environment in which they live, will affect their experience of dementia. Dementia progresses in a way that is unique to each individual.

• Dementia is not a natural part of the ageing process.
• Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain.
• It is not just about losing your memory.
• It’s possible to live well with it.
• There is more to the person than the dementia.

People are often happier if they can live independently in their own homes for longer. Dementia friendly communities are villages, towns and cities where more people understand dementia, there is less fear and avoidance, and people living with dementia are included and supported to live independently for longer.

The Dementia Friends initiative is helping to turn communities across England into dementia friendly communities. Join Dementia Friends today. Take one of our Friends’ information sessions so you understand more about dementia and how you can turn your understanding into action. Every action counts.

Please contact Reception on 01253 955350 to find out when the next information session is.

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