Non-NHS services

The Surgery does not routinely provide private services for patients. There are some exceptions which will be chargeable as they are not classified as NHS treatment:

Travel Vaccinations
Most standard travel vaccinations are not available through the Surgery. There are private clinics available in St Annes and Preston who will be able to assist you with all your travel vaccination needs.
The exceptions are for vaccinations that are part of the suggested vaccination schedule including:
o Diptheria, polio and tetanus (combined booster)
o Typhoid
o Hepatitis A
o Cholera
Please enquire with Reception if you have been recommended one of these vaccinations.

Private work including medicals
Forms which require completing by a GP will always be chargeable at a rate which is in line with BMA national guidelines. These fees accounts for the time a GP will be taken away from NHS work in order to complete such forms. Further information on the reasons why GPs charge for such work.
Private medicals can also be arranged through the Practice for a fee. These are completed by a GP outside of the standard GP contract and so would not generally be dealt with as an urgent matter. Please enquire at Reception in the first instance.

Occupational Health tests and treatment
The Surgery does not have access to diagnostic tests and treatments in relation to Occupational Health work. The Surgery outsources the Occupational Health for its own staff to Blackpool Victoria Hospital and we usually recommend that patients, whose new work have no Occupational Health access contact Spire, Fylde Coast Hospital, on 01253 308031

Please remember that the Surgery and it’s GPs are subject to a large amount of pressure simply from the general requirements to provide NHS treatment. Therefore, even where we are able to help with the above private treatments, we may not be able to accommodate you immediately. Each request will be dealt with on a case by case basis. We will provide you with a price and proposed date of completion following your initial enquiry, but please be aware that we will always prioritise the health and wellbeing of patients of the Practice before private work is undertaken, meaning that the proposed date is subject to change.